Choosing Glasses for Diamond Face Shapes


Choosing the right glasses can dramatically enhance your look and personality. If you have a diamond face shape, you’re in luck! This unique face shape offers a multitude of options when it comes to selecting the perfect eyewear. This guide will provide you with helpful tips and recommendations on how to choose the best frames for diamond face shapes.

Understanding Your Face Shape

Typically, a diamond face shape features a narrow forehead, high cheekbones, and a small chin. This face shape is angular and elongated, resembling the outline of a diamond. The key to picking the right frames for a diamond face shape lies in understanding your face proportions and then selecting the eyewear that complements your features.

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Best Styles for Diamond Faces

When it comes to choosing glasses for a diamond face shape, there are a few styles that work exceptionally well.

  • Rimless Glasses: These glasses provide a minimalistic look and don’t overpower your delicate features. The absence of a defined frame edge in rimless glasses allows your natural face shape to shine through.
  • Oval Frames: Softly rounded oval frames can help to balance the high cheekbones and narrow forehead of a diamond face shape.
  • Cat Eye Glasses: This retro-inspired style accentuates your high cheekbones and adds a fashionable twist to your appearance. Cat eye frames help to balance the narrow forehead and draw attention upward.
  • Geometric Frames: Shapes like rectangles or squares can provide a nice contrast to the angular features of a diamond face shape, giving you a sophisticated and stylish look.

Keep in mind that these are general suggestions, and personal style and comfort should also play a significant role in your final decision. It’s always a good idea to try on a variety of frame styles to see what you like best.


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Personalized Frame Selection

At Zenni Optical, we have curated collections for all face shapes to make the process of choosing glasses seamless and enjoyable. You can also use the virtual try-on tool to see how different frames look on your face. It provides a fun, interactive, and convenient way to explore a wide variety of frame styles and colors. So, why wait? Discover the perfect pair of glasses for your diamond face shape today, and step out in style!

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