Daniel Craig “BONDS” With His Glasses

  • BY Ryan

Daniel Craig is one handsome, intense-looking actor who’s so well-suited (literally) for the role of Bond — James Bond. Sure, the Men in Black and The Blues Brothers rocked suits and shades, but Bond is one man and he isn’t limited to only black suits either. He dresses for the climate and rarely has a hair out of place even when dealing with deadly situations.


Recently released in US theaters, “Skyfall,” the newest Bond film, has Craig looking really cool in glasses to once again become the ‘prepared for anything’ spy. Let’s take a fast and fun look at this new movie look, plus some of Craig’s other eyewear looks in Bond films:



Move over, Tom Cruise in Top Gun, there’s a new trendsetting look in aviotors now. Daniel Craig’s James Bond has to fight villains in style, and this isn’t a problem in Skyfall, of course. Craig’s wearing Tom Ford sunglasses all trimmed in metallic silver. That eye-catching trim really brings out the drama of the dark lenses and what’s a Bond film without a little drama — well, a lot of drama? The good news for us non-spies (and non-big box office actors) is that we can still get this look without having to shell out big bucks. Now, that’s a relief!

We also like women in metal-rimmed aviators. If you also love the look, remember to consider other tints and metal colors to try on as not everyone is going to rock ultra-dark lenses and silver metal rims. Green, gray or brown tinted lenses and a warm gold can all look wonderful too. The trick is to try on different pairs of aviator sunnies to find the ones that just seem to make your face and hair “pop” in a flattering way. After all, we don’t all like to wear the neat as a pin suits that Bond wears while ridding the world of destructively evil villains.


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

As journalist, Mikael Blomkvist in the Swedish film, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Craig wears Mykita Helmut glasses. These are one step away from Harry Potter round frames because they have a slight dip to the lower portion. The rims are quite thin in comparison to the thicker sides on these dark frames. The overall result is one of piercing intelligence, which of course is perfect for a bookish journalist.

Quantum of Solace

Tom Ford,  TF 0108 squarish frames are featured on Craig in Quantum of Solace. The eyewear is compact and especially narrow in the outer eye area which really seems to suit Craig’s face. We love the mysterious, yet witty look these glasses seem to give Craig’s eyes as the James Bond character. The rectangular shape and silver crossbar also add sophisticated style and these became a really popular eyewear look thanks to Craig’s Bond.

In his real life at the premiere of Quantum of Solace, Craig wore Christian Dior 012615 aviator sunnies with silver accents. We love the graduate dark smoky tint on him too. Is there any eyewear that Craig can’t wear well? If so, we have yet to see it.


Casino Royale

Craig as Bond wears two stunning sunglasses looks in Casino Royale. In the first part of the film, Bond. James Bond. dons Persol 2244 shades to give him a sporty edge on his opponents. The stretched out, rectangular lenses give a subtle wrap and are much wider at the outer eye than most of Craig’s other eyeglasses he’s worn as Bond and also in real life. The metallic silver double bar adds excellent sporty appeal that also brings a classy effect — as do the gray polarized lenses. Sunlight on the water won’t stop James Bond from ridding the world of shady characters. Bad guys beware as Bond has no glare!

In the movie’s second part, Craig’s Bond switches to a rich tortoise frame with green lenses in the form of Persol 2720 eyewear. This suave, sophisticated look is ideal with Bond’s gray pinstriped suit. The spy has to look presentable in the casino, after all.  Turning heads while plotting how to put holes through the heads of evil-doers is James Bond’s signature style.