Eyewear Tips To Master Your Zoom Calls

With so many of us working remotely, conference rooms have been replaced by the kitchen counter and face-to-face meetings now happen on Zoom. Sure, you may be wearing elastic-waisted pants, but from the waist up it’s all business. That means that your eyewear is more front and center than ever before.

Look Your Best for Your Next Zoom Meeting

The same way you want your clothing to be work appropriate on a video call, your eyewear is also something that you need to take into consideration.  First, make sure that your glasses match your face shape. Choose a frame shape that highlights your best features and is proportionate with your /glasses-for-face-shape”>face shape.

You also want to keep in mind whether or not your glasses will distract from what you are saying. We love /b/acetate-glasses/Color-Pattern/_/N-411051265?sizeOrder=1234510000″>colorful acetate frames and fun prints, but just like you want to avoid busy prints on your clothes, the same applies to glasses. If it’s too busy, people will be looking at you instead of listening to you.

Another important factor is the coating on your lenses. There are multiple options designed to help manage a long day at the computer. For video conferencing specifically, anti-reflective coatings provide a shield for natural or artificial light. You also want to opt for a protective coating that blocks harmful blue light. Check out our lens coating guide to understand which coatings are best for you.

Easy Ways to Wear Glasses for Zoom Meetings 

With these tips, you (and your eyes) will be ready for your next video call.

  1. Light Up Your Face: Depending on the camera and lighting, glasses can cast a shadow on your eyes. Before your video meeting, find a spot where the lighting is on your face or above you. This will prevent your glasses from casting a shadow over your face.
  2. Define You Eyes: Keep your eye makeup light to avoid dark shadows that can result from light hitting your glasses.
  3. Stay Centered: Make sure that your lenses are centered so the people you are talking to have a clear view of your eyes. C/how-to-adjust-your-eyeglasses”>heck out our how to adjust glasses guide or pop on some easy to apply /p/nose-pad/A1101000?skuId=A110100023″>adhesive nose pads to give them a lift.
  4. Clean Your Lenses: This is basic, but very necessary. The camera picks up smudges and fingerprints on lenses, so make sure to give them a good cleaning before starting a meeting. Head to our /b/accessories”>accessories shop to grab our /p/cleaning-kit/A1102000?skuId=A110200030″>spray kit or /p/lens-wipe/A1103000?skuId=A110300030″>lens wipes for those last minute cleanings.

Have any tips for how to be a Zoom master? Share them in the comments below!