How To Create An Affordable Eyewear Wardrobe

  • BY Zenni Optical

Image source: @smoheyes

When we purchase a new pair of glasses, the goal is to select a pair that will last for more than a year. Often that means picking means a pair that can be worn everyday and will match with almost every outfit. Then we wear them until they break, get lost, or we need a new prescription. And why do we do this? To save money of course!

Cut Out The Middle Man

When you buy eyeglasses from a traditional brick-and-mortar retailer, they can end up costing up to several hundred dollars when all is said and done. Not only are you paying for the frame and lenses, you’re also paying big money to cover the retailer’s overhead and outsourcing costs. But guess what? Glasses don’t need to be expensive.They can actually cost less than your next pizza delivery! 

At Zenni, we have our own production facility, which allows us to cut out the middlemen costs and keep our prices affordable. That way you can shop for the perfect frame (or two!) without worrying about paying premium prices.

Create A Functional Eyewear Collection

A functional collection includes glasses that help with specific activities throughout your day. In addition to an everyday pair, most people like to have prescription frames for more specific needs. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Prescription sunglasses for protecting your eyes when outside. In addition to standard dark grey and amber tints, Zenni also offers polarized lenses to reduce extra glare. 
  2. Durable sports glasses if you lead an active outdoor lifestyle. 
  3. A pair of Blokz blue light blocking glasses to keep eyes protected from harmful UV light emitted from our digital screens. 
  4. Multifocal glasses, such as a bifocal or progressive, for seeing in all distances. 

A separate pair of comfortable reading glasses, such as Workplace Progressives, for when you want to avoid the neck strain that comes from peering through the bottom of multifocal glasses.

Infuse Your Personal Style

Once you’ve satisfied your functional glasses collection, it’s time to move on to picking out some fun frames that are more trend-driven. With our lives so dependent on screens and virtual interactions involving only shoulders up, eyewear has become a main fashion accessory.

Pair your work-from-home attire with a chic frame for every day of the week. Try a colorful frame for when you need a pop of color in your day, or a sleek style for special occasions. If you want to add something new that still has that go-with-anything vibe, transparent neutrals and clear frames can easily compliment any outfit.

Whether you decide to start your own collection of glasses for functional or fashion purposes, Zenni’s affordable prices allow you freedom of expression without breaking the bank. Head to Zenni and shop to your heart’s content. If you have a particular style in mind that you’d like to try, check out our shop by style page to help narrow down your search. If you still need some more guidance on what styles best fit you, check out our article and quiz to determine the best style for your face shape

Once you curate a big enough collection, you’ll need to think about how to store them. Check out these fun organizational ideas from our creative ZenniMakers.