Insta Famous! Our Fans Favorite Frames

fan favorite glasses
We see you. Across social media, we follow your selfies and #zennioptical hashtags as you flaunt your latest pair of frames on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. When you use the /#sa_s22_instagram” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>#zennioptical or /#sa_s22_instagram” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>#justgotmyzennis you might just be featured on one of Zenni’s social channels! We just love to see how you style your specs. That’s why we recently reached out to some of our customers to see what their favorite frames are and Here are the looks they showed us and what they had to say.


A quick scroll through plus-size style blogger Jamie Hamilton’s Instagram feed and you can pinpoint her style: fierce, feminine-vintage. That’s why the /p/aviator-glasses/2329?skuId=232912″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Zenni brown aviators 232912 pair perfectly with her out aesthetic. The shape of the full-rim glasses give off a cool retro vibe, and the 50% pink-tint lenses she chose give her a look that’s somewhere between folk singer Joni Mitchell and pop queen Lady Gaga.

“My large brown aviators are completely on trend. People often ask me where I found them, because they are both vintage inspired and eye catching. I chose 50 percent pink tint lenses to complement the brown color and aviator style of the frames.This is both for aesthetics and also because pink lenses help with migraines! People are often surprised that they are prescription too, because they are so personalized.”


New York lifestyle and fashion blogger Freddy Rodriguez chose the classic /p/sepulveda-round-eyeglasses/11252?skuId=1125214″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Sepulveda round eyeglasses to balance his look. Made with gold-toned stainless steel, the round rims provide a minimalist feel that don’t weigh him down. Look for delicate detailing around the rims and temple arms on this style.

“My Zenni frames make me feel confident because how they frame my face and don’t make me feel self conscious that I’m wearing glasses. The large frame makes me feel comfortable and the compliments I get when wearing them are just a bonus.”


Rach DiMare’s style seamlessly blends comfort with fashion. The subtle curve of these oversized /p/premium-round-sunglasses/11323?skuId=1132325″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>tortoiseshell lenses are completely timeless (think Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O.) and complement any outfit or face shape.

“I feel great in these frames because they are just the perfect fit and style. No matter what I am wearing, these sunglasses help elevate my outfit. The timeless and classic style helps create a boost of confidence whenever I wear them!”


Badass babe Genae Banks of Fashion_Junkey can do it all—photography, fashion, makeup, fitness. Her sophisticated style translates to Zenni’s sleek aviator eyeglasses. The streamlined tortoiseshell aviators are anything but basic and can go from the office to an evening out.

“I’m always asked where did I get my frames from, they love that they are on trend but still sophisticated. I love my aviators, they make me feel confident and feeling like a boss chic when I out meeting my clients. I love fashion and love the variety of eye wear Zenni has to offer to go with all my outfits.”

Ailurophile with style

Allie Krystal, self-proclaimed “fat fashion blogger” from Toronto, exudes eccentric style in spades. Like Freddy of BluePerk, Allie loves the look of her /p/sepulveda-round-eyeglasses/11252?skuId=1125214″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Sepulveda round eyeglasses. The gold frames finish off her retro-chic ’90s vibe while offering a lightweight look.

“Most of the comments I receive on my Instagram posts are, “Where are your gold glasses from??” I get so many compliments on a daily basis. They’re perfectly nostalgic of the 90’s while still being modern and trendy. They make me feel awesome and they’re the perfect addition to all my outfits.”


Cali PhD student and lifestyle and wellness blogger Breanna Danielle picked pink translucent frames for their shape and neutral color. Zenni’s /p/plastic-full-rim-frame/2066?skuId=206619″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>pink plastic full-rim frames are fun, with a cat-eye shape, and exceedingly comfortable.

“A common compliment I get is, ‘I love your frames, they fit your face nicely’ or ‘Your frames are a beautiful color’.

I love the frames so much I have them in both colors, they fit my personality perfectly and remind me that frames don’t have to be boring. I feel extremely confident in my glasses, almost as if they were made uniquely for me. As someone who wears glasses every day, all the time, I love how they give the perfect touch to my personal style.”

Mint and Thrift

NYC bargain shopper and fashionista Gisel Luna pulls off her “woman in the city” look with our /p/metal-alloy-full-rim-frame-with-spring-hinges/4191?skuId=419111″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>metal alloy full-rim frames. The triangular lens shape finished with thin silver rims complete Gisel’s outift, and work on any face shape.

“Although I usually wear contacts, glasses have become a way to express my style. When I was younger, glasses were purely functional and part of my night-time routine after taking out contacts.

Since I found these aviator frames by Zenni Optical I love wearing glasses! These frames spruce up what I’m wearing and make me feel sexy and confident. As a long time glasses wearer and sufferer of really bad nearsighted vision, I was really happy about how affordable these lenses are. You have options beyond just the frames depending on the need. For me, that’s a high prescription, thin lenses (for people with bad vision like me), with anti-reflective coating. For less than $100 I got just what I needed in these amazing frames mailed straight to me.”

Leah Knauer

Leah Knauer isn’t afraid to swap out looks. The actress and stand-up comedian transitions from bubblegum-pink /p/square-glasses/1256?skuId=125619″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>square glasses with medium-size translucent frames to the traditional aviators with silver metal rim and thin lenses.

“The frames I get the most compliments on are the pink frames (#125619) and the serial killer frames (that’s what I call them, at least LOL) (#419011). People especially love the serial killer frames. They’re so cute that people don’t even think they’re prescription! I love wearing the pink ones because they’re a classic frame, but the pink gives it a fun pop of personality.”

The Comely Closet

Amy Lai is a fan of the traditional aviators as well—one of our ever-popular styles. The fashionista, who travels frequently, says the full-rim frames pair with any style clothing—no matter where her journeys take her.

“Words cannot describe how much I love my Zenni Aviator Glasses! The silver frames feel like an accessory in itself. Besides the compliments, I feel extra confident and stylish in them. Glasses have always been a security blanket for me, so finding the right pair is important. It amazes me how these frames can give me an extra confident alter ego, where stepping out sans makeup, in my Zenni’s, eliminates all insecurities. Naturally, my frames come with me everywhere I go, from my day-to-day life to my cross country travels through the big cities and to the natural wonders of the world.”

The Girl With Four Names

Southern belle fashion influencer Abigail knows a thing or two about the timelessness of accessories. That’s why she chose the Zenni Optical /p/ain-square-eyeglasses/44190?skuId=4419015″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Ain square eyeglasses in tortoiseshell. The versatile frames were created from premium acetate and finished by hand for exceptional quality and a lustrous sheen.

“Everyone loves the purple in the frames. I love them because they make my green eyes pop!”


Comedian, entertainer (and “smart ass”), Amber “Smiles” Jones sports the /p/browline-glasses/1954?skuId=195421″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>browline glasses, with their wide frames and classic metal accents. The retro browline frames her face nicely—complementing her signature grin—and the style transcends time.

“I’ve actually been told more than once that they “frame” my face nicely. The colors go well with my skin tone! I even got my frames embroidered with my social media handle, Trusmilesjones!😁 They make me feel sophisticated, cute and creative at the same time. I love the old school modernized look. I feel like that’s the perfect way to describe them lol.”


Biologist, podcast producer, and fashion influencer Ugo Omero knows how to rock these /p/acetate-full-rim-frame/6629?skuId=662919″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>acetate full-rim frames. The translucent frames offer just a hint of pink, and the neutral specs can be dressed up or down, for business or casual.

“I love my Acetate frames from Zenni! I get so many compliments off the street, the library, even the fast food drive-thru!

I always wanted a clear acetate pair; but when I saw these with a hint of pink, I KNEW they’d make me look extra special. I love the fit. I love the style. Of all my pairs, this is the one I gravitate to. They make me feel elegant at formal events and I look chic at artsy shows. Best of all, they seamlessly fit into my casual everyday wardrobe. Who wouldn’t feel confident wearing these everyday? I surely do. ”


Emma loves a good pair of glasses, in case that’s not apparent from her Insta handle or her blog name, “Behind the Leopard Glasses.” Her new favorite pair of lenses feature Zenni’s acetate polka dot frames. The black acetate frames with white polka dots evoke an era of pin-up girls and Rosie the Riveter.

“Whenever people notice my polka dot frames they say “oh those are so cute, I love them”. When I wear them they make me feel like my outfit is perfectly flowing because the polka dots are usually carried throughout the outfit and create the perfect look.”