How To Get Reese Witherspoon’s Cute Sunglasses Looks

Reese’s Pieces:  If you love actress Reese Witherspoon’s style, look for simple, easygoing separates and combine them for a result that looks effortless and casual-elegant. Also choose pieces that suit your shape. In Reese’s case, she flatters her heart-shaped face by sticking with frames that are squared off at the bottom of the lens.

Reese Witherspoon, June 2013, Beverly Hills, Photo: Xpose

Reese Witherspoon, Feb. 2010, Beverly Hills, Photo: Style Bistro

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Reeses loves her square-glasses-style and has worn it for years. Her dark lenses are awesome on her, but she’d look great in the gradient frames above or by switching the black up for a brown frame too, don’t you think? The clothing shown in the two photos of Reese Witherspoon above — skirt or dress, dark jeans, blazer, two t-shirts and a denim/twill shirt — could make a great little mix and match wardrobe. Changing things up with closed flats or flat strappy sandals like Reese does is both fun and practical. (For more info and ordering details on the Zenni frames, just click on those images.)

Reese Witherspoon Photo Credit: People magazine

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Reese knows that modified aviators are perfect for balancing out her narrow chin that is part and parcel of having a (beautiful) heart-shaped face. Rather than sloping at the bottom like standard aviators, the modified style features a squared off lower portion. A modified aviator style like the Zenni 418912 frame above is perfect for turning into your own Witherspoon-styled sunnies. The frame is a real bargain at just $9.95 and adding sunglasses tinting in your choice of color is only $4.95, so this adds up to a star quality pair of sunnies for under $15!

Reese Witherspoon: Natural Elegance

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Soft, freewheeling colors that hint of vintage memories can help you get the Reese Witherspoon fashion look. As shown in the first two photos in this post, even her reds and hot pinks are richly saturated in tone rather than rainbow bright. When wearing colored frames, Reese gets a gold star for keeping her lips natural. Rich pink eyewear and matching lipstick is not going to flatter anyone because rather than having vintage charm it will more likely simply look out of date and who wants that?

 So, What’s Reese Up To These Days?


Witherspoon recently signed a deal to co-star with Sofia Vergara (Modern Family) in the comedy film, Don’t Mess with Texas. Wonder if it’ll be as good as Sweet Home Alabama?


The 37 year old mom to little Tennessee, who was born last September, is also set to play a 26 year old (yes, she looks that good!) in the upcoming movie, Wild, which is based on the bestselling novel by Cheryl Strayed. It involves a story about a woman who experiences the loss of both her mother and her marriage. She decides to hike alone for 1,000 miles on the Pacific Coast Trail. This probably isn’t the smartest decision, but it should make for a good movie — especially with Reese starring.


Yet another film project Reese is reported to have in the works is a bad marriage movie based on the bestselling thriller  novel,  Gone Girl, written by Gillian Flynn. This one is set to co-star Ben Affleck, yet whether Reese will take the lead role is still not determined. She is producing the movie though, with director David Fincher (Alien, Fight Club, Panic Room) on board. It’s great to hear that Reese is involved in so many projects as her scandals seem miles behind her now.