Zenni® Optical Announces ‘Zenni Business’ Customers

Meta, U.S.Vision, PPG enlist Zenni’s new B2B platform, created to help organizations streamline operations

NOVATO, Calif.March 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Zenni Optical, the world’s leading online eyewear retailer, today announced eye care solutions partnerships with three customers of Zenni Business, its recently-launched B2B platform.

Meta, U.S.Vision, Inc., and PPG each are utilizing Zenni Business’s end-to-end suite of eye care solutions for large enterprises, eye care providers (ECPs), insurance companies and corporate benefits. Zenni’s B2B platform has its roots in an unmatched expertise developed during its more than two decades transforming the consumer eyewear industry.

Zenni Business intends to challenge an eye care industry plagued by high costs, stifled innovation and consumer access limitations. With its vertically integrated business model that includes ownership of optical laboratories, manufacturing and logistics, frame design, technology and customer service, Zenni can control costs and help its business partners benefit from existing infrastructure and marketplace knowledge.

“We are on a mission to elevate eye health awareness, revolutionize the prescription process, and optimize global operations and manufacturing,” said David Ting, Zenni’s Global Chief Technology Officer and General Manager. “Through Zenni Business, we empower our partners to achieve the same.”

Zenni Business partners are using its solutions suite in the following ways:

  • Zenni partnered with Meta in early 2023 to provide VR prescription lens inserts for the Meta Quest 3 headset, catering to 66% of American adults needing corrective eyewear.
  • Zenni is fueling U.S. Vision’s e-commerce strategy to enhance its omni-channel presence across 260 retail locations nationwide.
  • Zenni created a tailored shopping experience for PPG employees requiring ANSI Z87.1 Safety Eyewear, available at over 200 locations after a successful pilot program.

“Partnering with Zenni Business will help us to deliver on our long-held mission to provide broader access to premium eyewear for all of our customers, regardless of their proximity to our brick-and-mortar locations” said Eric J. Bertrand, Chairman of U.S. Vision. “Zenni’s top-tier e-commerce experience provides us with a digital infrastructure that can scale our offerings quickly and easily.”

Formally launched in September 2023, it is rooted in the company’s two decades pioneering the online eyewear industry and democratizing consumer access.

“We identified a strategic opportunity to revolutionize this industry, and the response to Zenni Business has been extremely positive. We have found that a significant number of businesses have been seeking an innovative partner to challenge the prevailing norms. Traditional industry leaders have maintained dominance for far too long, often with a rigid mindset, and our market entry now presents a more progressive alternative.” – Brian Persons, Head of Business Development, Zenni

Zenni Business offers a full suite of end-to-end solutions, tailored to meet the individual needs of businesses and insurance companies. This includes:

  • Best-in-class e-commerce platform that includes industry-leading user experience seamless purchasing
  • Powerful digital marketing solutions that increase conversion rates and generate customer loyalty
  • Top-tier, comprehensive manufacturing in Zenni’s state-of-the-art labs and including end-to-end frame production
  • Seamless fulfillment and logistics that power award-winning delivery times and shipping to any global destination
  • Corporate benefits programs and gifting that are ideal for key milestones to enhance relationships, featuring a user-friendly redemption portal, vast frame selections and other custom features.

For Eye Care Professionals (ECP) and Independent Eye Care Professionals (IECP), Zenni Business can help grow practices by providing new revenue streams and creating customer loyalty. This can include a curated collection from cost-effective options to designer brands that patients love, managed by Zenni to minimize infrastructure investment, ensure seamless execution and hasten time to market.

About Zenni Business
Zenni pioneered the online eyewear industry in 2003 with a mission to make prescription eyewear affordable and accessible. Zenni Business offers the same ethos of “eyewear for everyone” with its vertically integrated business model that includes ownership of optical laboratories, manufacturing and logistics, frame design, technology and customer service, all available as white-label solutions. Your partner in innovative eye care, Zenni Business’s team of industry experts can help business partners control costs while benefiting from our existing infrastructure and marketplace knowledge. Zenni Business has worked with brands including Meta, US Vision, PPG, and hundreds of eye care providers. For more information, please visit zennioptical.com/press and zenni.io