Reflective Trends: Gold & Silver Glasses and Accessories to Match

  • BY Zenni Optical

We’ve been doing a lot of reflecting, and these silver and gold frames and accessories are kind of giving us life right now. First: forget everything you’ve heard about picking one or the other, and embrace mixed metals. Let your style lead the way, and ask yourself one simple question: cool or warm?

Warm & Sunny

Give into the new spectrum of gold-toned metallics and get ready to heat up your look. Rose gold frames and tinted lenses add a high-desert glow that will warm up any complexion.

This trend is all about big-time shine, so don’t be afraid to try mixing a few different pieces together. Ease your way in with subtle rose golds, then go all out with a glitter-drenched shoe with high-gloss highlights. You can’t seem to over-do it when it comes to the sunny spectrum.

That Golden Glow

gold zenni frames and shoes

When it comes to picking clothes, we’re taking inspiration from the “brown is the new black” approach we’re seeing in global street fashion. Reach for rich reddish-browns to play up the spiciness of the golden spectrum.

Combine with plaid, tweed or animal print pieces (yes to cheetah) to create a rich, fall-ready foundation that will make these glasses and accessories really stand out. Finish with high-shine starburst earrings straight out of a 1960’s cocktail party, and get ready to get your glow on.

For a vintage vibe, opt for yellow-toned brass in a delicate round-frame like our fan-favorite Sepulveda. We love how our Zennistas rock this antique-inspired pair with modern attitude.

ugc for gold sepulveda-eyeglasses

Starry-Night Glamour

silver zenni frames and shoes

Glam up your favorite all-black outfit with sophisticated, silver pieces. Glittering cat-eyes, trendy mules and a shimmering tassel handbag add the perfect punch to get your LBD ready to party.

Edgy & Out of this World

Cool-toned metals will make you feel mellow and grounded, so don’t worry about going overboard. If you want to sky-rocket your ensemble into the next stratosphere, try going head-to-toe silver. Bust out a vintage sequin top and some skinny jeans in metallic-coated denim, layer on these accessories, and you’ll never fly too far from the sun.

Why Not Both?

Don’t believe the hype about “winter” vs. “summer” skin-tones and the myth that “you have to choose one or the other.” Try things out, and mix cool and warm toned metals together until you find a balance that works for you. With a rainbow of choices–from rose-gold to antique yellow-brass and space-age silver—you’ll have everything you need to create your perfect combination.

Get out-of-this-world glamour with these high-impact glasses and accessories:

Gold Frames 1125214
Silver Cat-Eye Frames 
Gold Backpack
Glitter Sneakers
Drop Earrings