Fox & Doll Studio’s Shana Astrachan Gives Our Vintage-Inspired Eyewear ALL the Glamour

Heading image for vintage inspired eyewear

We took a trip back in time with vintage hair and makeup experts Shana Astrachan and Victoria Pilnick from Fox & Doll studio in San Francisco. The ladies teamed up to show us how to create authentic retro looks with our favorite vintage-inspired eyewear.

With Shana’s hair and makeup tips, plus the perfect pair of throwback Zennis, you’ll be ready to rock these classic looks right into the present day. We’ve broken down each style by decade to give you the best options for your vintage eyewear needs.

Shana Stylist at Fox and Doll

Let’s take a blast from the past and see the decades that shaped the frame styles and looks over the years:

1980s Extravagance

There’s no such thing as “too much” when it comes to the era of excess. Big hair and oversized glasses make this look possible. So get your curling iron hot and a can (or two) of hairspray ready.

1980s vintage inspired eyewear

“Tease the roots so the hair gets wild and high,” said Shana. “Use a small curling wand, taking the hair in small sections, and scrunch hair that is already curly. Then spray with hairspray and spray with more hairspray.”

Turn things up even higher with Victoria’s version of maximum makeup. “Try a smokey, shimmery eye in shades of gray and blue with a dark, berry-red lip,” said Shana. For this look, she used Summer Wine from Fox & Doll.

vintage 80s retro thin frames

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1970s Soft & Sweet

This decade is all about natural glamour, so take a laid-back approach to hair and makeup. Think windswept waves and a pair of statement frames, like this pretty pair of butterfly sunnies.

1070s eyewear model

“Start by curling hair away from the face,” said Shana. “Then, brush it through for that feathered look, adding lots of hairspray to hold.”

To get that 70s glow, Victoria uses some bronzer and orange-toned color on the eyes and face. She finished the look with a peachy nude lip, like Fox and Doll’s Walking in the Sand.

womens vintage butterfly sunglasses

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1960s Mod & Magnificent

We took a sophisticated approach to swingin’ 60s style with wide-eyed glamour and statement accessories. Keep the vibes youthful, optimistic and fun with bold silhouettes and adventurous colors.

Take it from Victoria and start with the eyes. “Black liquid liner gets all the attention here,” she added. Shana also recommends “a little soft pink blush on the cheeks and light pink lip, like One Kiss from Fox & Doll.”

1096s model with vintage eyewear and hair

“Hair should be coiffed, with every hair in place,” said Shana. Keep it smooth and sleek with plenty of volume.

When it comes to eyewear, reach for attention-getting bold shapes in primary colors.

women vintage oval frames

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To complete the look, Shana recommends adding a few mod accessories, like this classic leopard-skin pillbox hat or a big pair of cocktail earrings. Don’t forget the sunglasses!

1940s Glamour & Grit

The ladies took Old Hollywood glamour and gave it a tough, WWII-inspired edge for this high-fashion 1940s look. According to Victoria, “it’s all about the lips for a throwback to classic Hollywood starlet glamour. Eyes don’t get much shadow or color, just lots of black mascara and a little black eyeliner.”

1940s vintage eyewear look

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Now for the hair. No 1940s look is complete without pin-up-style victory rolls. Don’t worry, this look is easier to achieve than you might think.

Shana suggested setting pin curls overnight. Working with slightly damp hair, roll up sections of hair and secure with bobby pins. When the hair is dry, gently brush it out to form bouncy waves.

vintage cat-eye glasses sku number 4416621

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Separate two sections of hair up front. Take one side section and roll it up and away from the face, then secure with pins to the top of the head. Keep going until you’ve achieved your desired pompadour height. Repeat with the other side section. Shana also said using classic hair combs to push up the side hair pieces and hold in place.

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