Zenni Video Contest – Second Place Winner!

  • BY Zenni Optical

The two Second Place winners, of $5,000 each, are Michael Binko of Coral Gables, Fla., and Michael Darling of Valley Village, Calif.

Binko’s rap video was utterly compelling to the blue ribbon panel, some of whom loved its outstanding production values and stickiness so much they couldn’t stop playing it and singing and dancing along, to the annoyance of the rest of the panel. (C’mon, guys – no more fights!)

Binko, who produced, directed, and edited the film, said his rapper / actor friend Devon Ferguson wrote the music and lyrics and performed the song with his actress girlfriend, Lisa Chandler. Binko said, “I just wanted everyone to have fun and really show off how saving money is such a blast!”

Check out the video below and learn how you can “make it rain” with the money you save with Zenni frames!

Getting to know our winners:

Zenni: Did you write, direct, and perform in the video?
Michael Thanks for letting me know about the great news! Regarding our video, I produced, directed, and edited the film. Devon, the rapper/actor and close friend of mine, wrote the music, lyrics, and performed the song.  His girlfriend Lisa of eight years, who is also an actress, was part of the video as well.

Zenni: How long did the shoot take?
Michael We shot the video in about eight hours in three different locations and didn’t run into any challenges along the way.  I just wanted everyone to have fun and really show off how saving money is such a BLAST! (because who doesn’t like saving money) 🙂

Zenni: How did you come up with the idea?
Michael Devon and I both love rap/hip-hop music and thought that it would be funny to show people throwing money up in the air to celebrate their savings, as opposed to just throwing it up to celebrate their excess wealth!

Zenni: How long have you been shopping with Zenni online?
Michael I first learned about Zenni through this contest, and now I own seven different pairs.

Zenni: How will you spend the money (Will you spend your money on new glasses?)
Michael Currently, I’m a 2nd year law student at the University of Miami, so any winnings will go towards paying for my education, and maybe a fancy dinner somewhere.

For more information on Michael, you can check out his Facebook page or his website!

You can also find Devon and Lisa on Twitter: