Scorpio Season: Your Eyewear Horoscope

Traits: Mysterious, Intelligent, Analytical, Passionate

Sign: Water

Color: Red

Symbol: Scorpion

Happy birthday Scorpio. You’re one fiery sign… in all the best ways! Filled with incredible passion and power, people often mistake you for a fire sign (what can you say, you know what you want and how to get it) and can find you intimidating without having  met you. Little do they know! Scorpio is actually a water sign, which is where you get your highly intuitive nature and deeply emotional side.

Resourceful, brave, and occasionally stubborn, you always like to keep people guessing. This reflects in your style choices, which lean toward intense, rich colors. Your closet is a mix of practical pieces with minimal fuss and edgy items that make everyone look twice.

How to Wear the Scorpio Power Color

A deep color palette of rich maroons, purples and red reflects Scorpio’s mysterious and passionate nature. Since you like to make a statement wherever you go, draw attention with oversized red tortoiseshell sunnies or stand out on your next Zoom call with a pair of deep purple Blokz blue light blocking glasses. Start shopping our selection of Scorpio glasses now.


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