Costume Ideas For People With Glasses

October is upon us, which means pumpkin carving, plenty of candy, and the inevitable costume planning. While picking out the perfect costume is supposed to be fun, it can feel frustrating for those of us who wear prescription glasses. 

From spooky to silly, we’ve rounded up our favorite four-eyed Halloween costumes for the entire family. Scroll down to find you new favorite trick-or-treating outfit.

DIY Costume: Spooky Spider Frames

These easy DIY spider glasses make the perfect costume + accessory in one. All you need is a pair of /search?keyphrase=round%20sunglasses&color=black&page=1&shape=round”>statement sunglasses, a few craft items, and some spooky inspiration.

Supplies needed: /p/womens-tr-round-sunglass-frames/11176?skuId=1117621″>Zenni oversized round black sunglasses, pipe cleaners in black or assorted Halloween colors, white paint, and a hot glue gun

Group Costume: Glowing Stick Figures

Now we aren’t saying we created our /search?keyphrase=glow-in-the-dark”>glow-in-the-dark glasses with this costume in mind, but they are the perfect accessory to get you glowing. 

Supplies needed: black turtleneck, black pants, black shoes,/search?keyphrase=glow-in-the-dark”> Zenni glow-in-the-dark-glasses, glow sticks, hot glue gun or packing tape

Classic Kids Costume: Where’s Waldo

The timeless appeal of a pair of /p/kids-round-eyeglass-frames/2090?skuId=209016″>round glasses and those red sailor stripes is guaranteed to melt hearts and save you a ton of time and energy dressing up your kiddo this Halloween. 

Supplies needed: /p/kids-round-eyeglass-frames/2090?skuId=209016″>Zenni round black kid’s glasses, red striped t-shirt, red and white stocking hot, wooden cane, brown shoes or boots

“Anti-Costume” Costume: The Dude

If you want to keep the vibe extremely laid-back, you’ll likely find your bliss in a worn-in robe and /search?keyphrase=rectangle%20sunglasses&gender=men&page=1″>dark sunglasses like The Dude. And since most of these items are already in your closet, wearing them together technically won’t mean you’re in a costume.

Supplies needed: /p/mens-plastic-rectangle-eyeglass-frames/11107?skuId=1110721″>Zenni rectangle sunglasses, well-worn cotton shorts, schlubby tee, bathrobe worn open, open toe rubber sandals

We love seeing your costume-creativity too! Tag @zennioptical in your Halloween photos.