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358 | W51 H29
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Rectangle Glasses4143


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What’s our customers’ favorite shape for optical lenses? Not round, not oval, not even square. Nope, the lens shape that leaves all others behind is … rectangular! And there’s no more elegant pair of rectangular eyeglasses than this shiny, half-rim, wide-width, mixed-materials Women’s eyeglasses frame with slightly curved rectangular front rims. Both the gray and lavender models have stainless steel front rims and metal alloy temple arms fully sheathed in plastic temple sleeves. Both models’ temple arms have tiny Art Nouveau ornamentation between the front rims and the temple arms’ spring hinges. The gray model’s temple sleeves are wine red; the lavender model’s temple sleeves are a very pretty pinkish purple. Here’s a special note on the color of both models: The gray model is a nice, dark gray; the lavender model may look silver or chrome under certain lights, but it’s a nice, faint lavender. Speaking of “faint,” you might faint when you see how inexpensive such a beautiful pair of eyeglasses is!

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