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Split image of a woman wearing Zenni glasses, holding a mug. In the top image, her glasses are fogged up, in the bottom image, the lenses are clear.

Anti-Fog Glasses

Say goodbye to foggy lenses and glare with our advanced 2-in-1 Anti-Fog + Anti-Reflective Coating. Includes special Activator Cloth to keep lenses clear longer.

Add Anti-Fog + Anti-Reflective Coating to most lenses for only $12.95 (compare to $150).

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How to Order


Illustration of the front view of a pair of glasses.

Pick a frame


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Select your lenses*


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Choose Anti-Fog
Coating in

*Anti-Fog is not available for high-index 1.74, Blokz Photochromic 1.61, Blokz Photochromic 1.67, Blokz Trivex, ANSI Z87.1 Safety Glasses, and ASTM F803 Sports Goggles.

Steps to Fog-Free Glasses

The Activator Cloth activates the anti-fog properties every time you clean your coated lenses.

Image of a pair of Zenni glasses and the person putting the Zenni's Anti-fog Activator Cloth back to the original, resealable pouch.

Step 1

Clean lenses with a lens spray or wipes and dry thoroughly with a regular lens cloth. *Cleaning kit not included. Shop Wash + Dry Kit

Image of the person wiping the glasses with Zenni's Anti-fog Activiator Cloth.

Step 2

Use the Activator Cloth (included with purchase) daily to gently wipe your lenses on both sides 5-10 times. Shop Lens Cleaning Wipes

Image of a hand holding a pair of Zenni glasses, and another hand holding Zenni's lens spray.

Step 3

Store Activator Cloth in original, resealable pouch to optimize shelf life. We recommend replacing the Activator Cloth after one year. Shop Antifog Cloth

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For more information about Anti-Fog Anti-Reflective Coating, please visit our Help Center.