How To Buy Swim, Wind And Sports Goggles

  • BY Ryan

Swim Goggles

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Even with the end of summer counting down quickly now, many swimmers will move to indoor pools in the coming fall and winter months, so it’s important to replace any swim goggles lost or damaged over the summer or left back at the cabin.

For recreational swimming and most swimming lessons, prescription swim goggles aren’t required for most adults or children which is one reason why Zenni currently doesn’t carry these. (Rest assured we have listened to requests for them and are taking these comments into careful consideration.)  When choosing non-prescription swim goggles, look for these safety, durability and comfort features:

UV protection — Eye protection from the sun’s rays is crucial in swim goggles. Even if you or your child will be using them indoors, chances are that at some point someone may use them outdoors and if the required UV protections isn’t there, retina damage may result.

Eye socket fit — The eye piece portions of the swim goggles should fit the entire eye socket and not just the eyeball.

Anti-fog coating — This is necessary to avoid the annoying problem of having swim goggle lenses fog up to cloud vision.

Anti-scratch coating — This is recommended for adults’ as well as childrens’ swim goggles as scratches on such small lenses can really obscure visibility.

Polycarbonate lenses — They are strong, yet shatterproof.

Strong strap — The goggles have to stay on in all kinds of water conditions and movements whether that’s diving or doing the good old crawl stroke.

No excess stretch in the nose strap — Otherwise, proper eye socket fit is challenged.

Tint color— Generally, clear or lightly-tinted lenses are best for indoor swimming and low light or murky outdoor water conditions, while darker tints and mirror finishes are best for brightly-lit water.

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Racquet Sports, Biking and Boating

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Prescription wind or sports goggles are ideal for sailing and boating as well as cycling and racquet oriented games such as tennis, squash, racquetball and handball. Wearing your regular prescription frames for these activities isn’t going to cut it because of the need for extra eye safety.

Polycarbonate lenses won’t shatter and cause eye injuries if you get accidentally smacked in the face with a ball or racquet. You also won’t have to worry about shattering if you drop your goggles on a boat deck. Wraparound styles give you side protection from the sun — as well as from pointy branches on forested bike trails!

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Snowboarding and Skiing

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Harmful rays reflect off of the snow even on the most overcast days, so having good goggle coverage is crucial for safe skiing and snowboarding. Ice and snow sprays or showers can injure the eyes too, so there’s yet another reason to be sure to have great goggles. Prescription varieties should have a sturdy inner lens and a strong outer windshield. The nose area may be rubberized or v-shaped for comfort and a good fit.

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Good basketball goggles fit totally over the entire eye area to protect prescription frames, and your eyes beneath them.  They shouldn’t interfere with your vision in any way as of course, you want maximum visibility, performance and ease of movement. Polycarbonate lenses provide shatterproof protection and the necessary impact resistance.  Fit is crucial because there shouldn’t be any gaps in which a finger could fit in between the edge of the goggles and your face.

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