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Workspace Progressives


Specialized progressive
lenses for situations that
require enhanced near-
and mid-range vision.

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If you wear progressives, you know what it's like to search for that "sweet spot" of clear vision when doing certain up-close activities like computer work or interacting with others for long periods.
Zenni's Workspace Progressives are designed to supplement your standard progressives, providing more comfort and visual clarity in these special situations at work or at home.

Near-Range Progressives

Near-Range Progressives

(Max. distance: approx. 3 feet)

Provides greater comfort and visual clarity within 3 feet. Designed for those who spend long periods at a desk or other confined workspaces.

Great for:
  • Prolonged reading
  • Using hand-held devices
  • Heavy computer use
  • Detail work
  • Sewing/crafting

Viewing Areas

near range progressive lens
Mid-Range Progressive

Mid-Range Progressives

(Max. distance: approx. 14 feet)

Features narrower near-range vision with greater mid-range vision for comfort and visual clarity within 14 feet. Designed for those who need enhanced up-close vision with the ability to see the entire room more clearly.

Great for:

  • Heavy computer use
  • Office/meetings
  • Watching TV
  • Artists/musicians
  • Dining out
  • Moderate reading

Viewing Areas

 mid range progressive lens
Standard Progressives

Standard Progressives

(Max. distance: approx. 20+ feet)

Standard progressives are designed primarily for distance vision with narrow near- and mid-range viewing areas.

Great for:

  • All-purpose, everyday use
  • Driving

Viewing Areas

standard progressive lens

Experience greater comfort with
Workspace Progressives.

wider view experience
wider view

Enjoy a wider field of view with
greater clarity while you work.

more detail experience
more detail

See more detail with
greater ease.

less strain experience
less strain
Incorrect Correct

Experience better ergonomics and
less eye strain.

Prices for the Near-range and
Mid-range Progressive lenses
start at $27.95

How to Order Workspace Progressives


On the order page,
select Progressive (No-Line Multi-Focal)
under Prescription Type.

office prescription

Choose the Mid-Range Progressives or
Near-Range Progressives based on
your visual needs.


Select any additional lens options and proceed to checkout.


Can I wear Workspace Progressives while driving?

Workspace Progressives are not recommended for driving since they do not have distance vision.

Can I purchase Workspace Progressives as sunglasses?

No, Workspace Progressives cannot be tinted, polarized, or ordered as photochromic.

Is it hard to get used to Workspace Progressives?

Workspace Progressives are generally used by patients who already wear standard progressives, making adaptation fairly seamless for their intended use. It takes people who have never worn any type of progressive lens a few weeks to fully adapt.

I have standard progressives - Should I also get Workspace Progressives?

People who spend a large amount of time doing up-close work in standard progressives often find the small reading and computer zones in the lens frustrating. Workspace Progressives allow you to have both a clearer and more comfortable pair of glasses for specific tasks like extended reading and computer use, in addition to your all-purpose standard progressives.

How do I decide which lens to select - The Mid-Range or Near-Range Progressives?

Think about your typical day and how you will use these glasses. If you spend most of your day sitting at a desk using the computer, the Near-Range Progressives are probably best. If you walk around your office and have meetings frequently, the mid-range progressives may be more suitable. Consider the distance of things you normally interact with, and pick the lens that best suits your tasks.

Do I need to have a special prescription for Workspace Progressives?

No. Simply enter your regular prescription (including ADD) during the order process. Our lab technicians will calculate the lens parameters for you based on your prescription and selected Workspace Progressive lens.