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  1. This card is redeemable only toward purchase of merchandise from
  2. Card cannot be used to purchase additional gift cards, certificates or other goods or services.
  3. No expiration date or dormancy fee applies.
  4. Call 1-800-211-2105 or visit for general questions about use of gift cards. For specific inquiries, including card balance inquiries, call our gift-card issuing partner’s dedicated gift card phone number at 844-396-9728 or visit their website at
  5. No value until purchased. Cash value 1/100¢.
  6. The code on damaged physical gift card should still work when entered online. However, if you would like a replacement card, visit our card-issuing partner’s website at
  7. Though not guaranteed, you may be able to recover funds on a lost or stolen SVM-issued gift card. Please email for more information on lost and stolen gift cards. However, SVM cannot replace a lost or stolen Zenni-issued gift card, but instead can only restore credit to the online account with proper proof of ownership.
  8. Not redeemable for cash except as required by law. If your SVM-issued card has a remaining balance below the level designated in your state of residence for cash redemption, SVM will refund the remaining value of your card upon request. Please call SVM at 844-396-9728 (Mon-Fri, 8:00am to 5:00pm CT, excluding holidays) or email
  9. Resale of gift cards is prohibited.
  10. Returns on merchandise purchased with a gift card: a) are only eligible for a store credit, minus cost of shipping; and b) are not eligible for a refund or reload of amount from returned merchandise back to gift card. Any subsequent merchandise returns will also result in store credit, minus shipping, however, it will be limited to a one-time use only store credit.
  11. Use constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions accompanying card at purchase.
  12. Issued by SVM on behalf of

Questions? Please contact, or call 800-211-2105.